Melissa Mia Hall, PW and Lipstick Chronicles contributor, passes

Friend, contributor to The Lipstick Chronicles, and Publishers Weekly reviewer Melissa Mia Hall (MMH) has passed away. The terms of her death are extremely upsetting, as she died because seeing a doctor was beyond her financial means. As The Lipstick Chronicles writes, “Melissa worked hard. She owned a home. She paid her taxes (late, but paid). She was trying to live a dream - the American Dream - that supposedly we as citizens are promised - the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. For her, that couldn't be achieved in a traditional job that came with the perks of health care. But does that mean she had to die?”

Melissa’s heart attack could have been prevented, and I think the full article speaks for itself (which you can read at The Lipstick Chronicle's website). I hope you agree with me that health care is, as always, an issue in our country that must be a priority. She'll be missed.